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Thoughts on Polyamory
It seems to me that most people think of polyamory in terms of threesomes, of swinging. A way of sleeping around that isn't technically "cheating."  A prevailing idea in the '60s counterculture was free love.  Most people thought they were free, expressing an interchange of love with multiple partners. But it wasn't. It was slutting around without consequences. But at least everyone was equal, and diverging from the old way.  In my mind, polyamory isn't openly getting with as many people as you want at a time.
It's not speed-dating.  There are those who have serial marriages, serial daters. They are with someone for a few weeks, a few months, and then move on. There is no growth in the relationship, and as soon as the partner doesn't meet your conditions anymore, you move on.  You are done with them. This kind of carousel relationship practice fall short of what polyamory should be by miles.
To get to the pinnacle of a polyamorous lifes
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I'm Polyamorous...So What?
I am polyamorous, it has nothing to do with polygamy. I have talked to many polyamorous people, and NONE of them support harems, pedophilia, or cults. Polyamory is simply the consensual act of having more than one lover. This means, for instance, a couple men and/or women living together, all of them in love with each other. There are thriving polyamorous communities all around the world, and it's all based on love, not lust or control.
Polys disagree on what makes someone polyamorous. Some polys say monoamory is a social construct. Others say the preference is inborn. Regardless, one thing is true--there are people who are okay with having multiple partners. Many polys would enjoy having either one or multiple partners. Others would be miserable in a monoamorous relationship in the same way you would be miserable in a polyamorous relationship.
The most important factor when separating people who do and don't want more than one partner is probably jealousy. Polys just don't get jealous
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The Definition of Love
A wandering child came to me one day
from a place I've yet to discover
and with the innocent eyes of curiosity
asked me this:
                    "What is love?"
And I, even with the knowledge of
the witchcraft of words
with my tomes of the English language
and understanding of nouns,
syllables, and synonyms
could not give the young wonderer
a definite definition.
But then speeches past came back to me
harsh monologs of unintentional harm
that is a popular yet false definition.
"It is when a man and a woman
want to spend their lives together...."
I could not tell the child this
for I would be misleading, telling half-truths.
And that is not a definition.
So I looked down upon the enquirer
and smiled an honest smile,
something I could not do even with the wisest,
and gave her my answer, my answer.
Love is a difficult thing, an easy thing
that requires hands-on experience
to fully comprehe
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Marinette was on her balcony watering some new plants.  They were 20 inches tall and resembled a plant from the mint family. They had small bilabiate flowers in white with spots of purple or pink colors.  She barely turned around when she felt another presence behind her.
"Hello, kitty."
Chat Noir was perched on the railing of her balcony.
"Hello, Purr-incess.  These look new; I never took you as a gardener."
"I do have a green thumb. I really like the way these looked and they actually have some health benefits. Plus, they are my project in biology."
"What is it," he asked approaching her.
"It's catnip.  I can brew it in tea or cook with it to and it can help stomach with problems."
Chat Noir got down by the blooms and sniffed them.
"Hmmm", he thought. "That smells great!"
He sniffed it some more and a euphoric sensation invaded his brain.  He felt really giddy and tense and yet relaxed. He sniffed it more and he just couldn't get enough of it.
"Oh gawd, this
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Happy New Year. Ladybug/Chat Noir.
The stars and lights of Paris shone brightly as Chat Noir and Ladybug sat on top of a roof, looking down at the New Year’s festivities below.
“Can you believe we’ve been doing this for almost three years?” she asked him.
“I can’t. It feels like we’ve known each other for so much longer,” he replied, grinning at her. “What’s your resolution for the new year?”
“Figuring out a way to stop akumas before they strike,” she replied. “And you?”
“Make more cat puns.” Chat Noir laughed at the disapproving face Ladybug made. She rolled her eyes and set her sights back on the Parisian streets.
“I didn’t realize we were making ridiculous resolutions,” she said. The last minute of the year begun and below them the citizens of Paris began their countdown.
“You know you love it,” he teased her. They fell quiet and looked down at the revelers below them. 
Amidst the n
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